Horse Lord Pantheon

Followers: human horse nomads, northern ‘grass’ orcs

Frostbreath, god of cold, winter, and death; name acquired from the Pargunese

Guthlac, Lord of the Hunt, tricky and dangerous, delights in traps and the running hunt.

Mare of Plenty, the Quickener, fertility goddess, legendary broodmare of all horses, impregnated by the Windsteed, depicted as a dun whose hoofprints become springs in a dry land.

Torre legendary heroine who saved her father’s kingdom by performing multiple “impossible” deeds, now the name “Torre’s Necklace” is given to a constellation. Torre is believed to protect young women in particular danger. Origin somewhere in the north. The nomads believe Torre to be a woman who became a saint of the Horse Lord.

Horse Lord, also called the Windsteed is the legendary progenitor of horses via the Mare of Plenty, depicted as a dapple-gray stallion with fiery eyes that shoot lightning and dark hooves that make thunder. Paladin mounts are thought to be his immediate descendants.

Numerous localized spirits, guardians of wells, springs, groves

Horse Lord Pantheon

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