Halfling Pantheon

followers: western halflings

Judge, a powerful father figure who provides moral compass to the halfling society. His basic belief is that crime should not be punished as much as it is corrected.

Garge, god of stoneworks and building. He created the world from stone, shaping the mountains, the soil and even the seas.

Allestiel, god of plants and animals. She created gave birth to all living things in the world.

Avelloa, god of darkness and lies. This god spins webs and creates confusion, attempting to bring evil to the halflings.

Insishinsia, (saint of Avelloa) a halfling who committed great evils across the world to both human and halfling society. He was once a great hero who was on his way to becoming a saint when he fell from grace. Many say that his fall was caused by an evil sword that he acquired and began using. perhaps they are merely confusing his story with that of the Paladin Daniel Vine.

Halfling Pantheon

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