Race: God
Pantheon: Orc
Alignment: Evil

Gorbash is the evil God of the Orcs. It lives among the orcs in the form of a small (wagon-sized) purple, iridescent dragon. The orcs believe that Gorbash consumes magical artifacts to gain power and try to provide their God with powerful items. There are very few powerful magical items in the world, however, so it is a long process to find one.

The dragon-god of the orcs lives in a mountain cave on the southern edge of the orc domain. The God’s lair houses seven other dragons that refer to themselves as aspects of the God. The known Aspects are Anger, Messenger, Commander and Arcane. Each one seems to be a part of the God, but they claim to be completely independent of their God in the same way humans are independent of theirs. Other way, the Aspects seem to be able to communicate with their God in a way that others are unable to. The Aspects are the complete servants of Gorbash and labour to accomplish his goals. They speak for him and carry out his will.

Gorbash has an interest in the fated child of the Paladin of Torres. The Paladin Clementine recieved a calling to bring the child to Gorbash. Clementine was reluctant and hesitant to do anything that would endanger the child but still wanted to carry out the mission. Eventually, she allowed Gorbash to inspect Gina (the child). Gorbash wanted to see the child and seemed to approve. Immediately afterwards, the Aspect, Commander explained to the group that they were to protect the child so that she could grow up to eliminate the elven race. Commander then offered to teach Plaguewick the magic of the dragons so that he could be a better guardian of the child.

While Gorbash is evil, his actions so far have seemed to be to assist the Hoardale crew in completing their mission to see Gina raised safely. The crew trusts the dragon in this because Torres has seemed to say that is OK, but they never forget the dragon is a creature of evil.


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