The Freeman are a plain and direct people. They wear simple clothing because that is all the environment allows. Colour is important to them, but they don’t have much of it. When they dress up, it is always colourful.
Some of them wear metal, pointed studs embedded in their foreheads. This is a sign of accomplishment. They will get a stud if they have done something the group feels in worthy. One example is of the young man who adopted an orphaned girl. You can get more than one stud but it is usually one per accomplishment. The studs are arranged decoratively, so a person usually stops accepting them after a certain number as they don’t want to disrupt the pattern they have made.

They fish and farm.
Since farmland is at a premium, they use all available soil. Soil is piled on their houses to help insulate them from the weather and gardens are grown in that soil. The constant rains wash the soil away, but the Freemen replenish it by collecting it from the surrounding areas.
Fishing is a way of life. They use nets to pull in what they can and they also use fishing lines to catch larger stock. They fish from small, shallow boats since that is all that Cap’t Dogg will allow them to have. They also have fishing derricks, large platforms built out on the water, that they fish from. From a derrick they can drop a net, using the large beams put out there for that purpose or they can cast out their very large lines to land the bigger fish. The bigger fish only come in a few times a season, so it is a big deal to make sure they try to get some. It is a party event as well as work and is a lot of fun.

The mines in the mountains yield a small amount of metals and lots of stone. The metals are simple and inexpensive and they usually only pull out enough for their own needs and a little trading with the elves. It is dangerous in the mines and difficult work, so it isn’t very profitable for them. They have recently discovered that there is large amounts of granite in the mountains. They have started pulling this out in large blocks, but currently have no way to ship it since they are not allowed big ships.

In the town of Happy Dance, there are huge, solid stone buildings made from the stones that have been pulled down. The Freeman know this is valuable if they can figure out an economic way to get it to the buyers in Vanis. They cut the stones in very large blocks and are able to move them with only a few men by using long wooden beams and leverage. The stone is a relatively new development.

The Freeman want to build a shipyard. In fact, they have built shipyards in the past and Dogg has had them burned down. The Freeman have a deal with the elves for lumber, but it is expensive, so they wouldn’t be able to make many ships anyway. Once they have some large transport vehicles they would be able to get and ship more goods and become much more prosperous. When they finally decide to build a shipyard they can keep, they will likely build it out of stone.

The land itself is very inhospitable to life. The wind and rain are almost constants and the soil is washed away regularly. What soil is left is usually full of salt. This salty environment is very corrosive and any metal on Freeman Coast needs to be cleaned often or it will rust.


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