Elven Pantheon

Followers: Elves

There is much confusion in the world about what the elves believe when it comes to their Gods. Some say the Elves refuse to believe in any Gods at all. Yet, there is an elven pantheon. It may be that the elves are spreading misinformation about their true beliefs to keep others from gaining power over them.

The Maker, Adan, The Namer
Adan is considered to be the first of all the Gods. Even the human pantheon recognizes a force known as Adan, though some don’t accept that it is sentient. The Maker is the first God who created all things by giving them a name. He is considered the most powerful of all Gods and it is his plan for the universe that is followed by all the other Gods.

The Unmaker, Nada
Nada is a powerful first God as well, somehow linked to Adan Nada however, is a God of destruction and chaos and seeks to bring about the end of all things. Eventually the Unmaker will succeed and the universe will end.

The First Tree, Progenitor of all plant life, all of the green blood.
The Maker first created the most beautiful and perfect of all things, the tree. The First Tree was created and then the world was created as a place to put it. Elves believe that they and all life have but one purpose, to take care of the trees. This is the reason that the Maker created everything else. The Unmaker seeks to eliminate the First Tree, but will do so last. The world will be destroyed before the First Tree is gone.

Initially, the elves sang to the First Tree, who responded to that song by populating the world with trees and thus creating the taig, tapestry of life that elves sense and to some degree control. All plant life shares in this song and continue to sing it. A human (it is said) found the First Tree and sang to it so beautifully that the Tree acknowledged him, and shared the secret of the taig with him. He was the first Kuakgan, the first Shepherd of Trees. At this, some elves were so enraged that they became tree-haters, left the taig and chose instead to worship the Unmaker to hasten the end of all things.

Elven Pantheon

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