Velvet is a sly merchant that travels with the Paladin Eric Johnson.


Race: Human
Class: Merchant, but this is in dispute.
Location: Eric Johnson’s entourage


Velvet is a sly one who travels with the Paladin Eric Johnson. He claims to be a merchant, but he seems to have some questionable morals and has great working knowledge of the goings on of the black markets.

Velvet is a smooth talker and it is easy to forget how sneaky he can be. He has very little respect for others, though he is polite and doesn’t feel threatened by people. His disregard for others was demonstrated once when he had Daniel “Grapes” Vine fetch an apple for him like a dog. Grapes has trouble keeping his thoughts straight and did what was requested. The Paladin Clementine was furious.

On another occasion, Velvet poisoned Duke Phelan. The poison was not meant to be fatal, but merely send the Duke to sleep. The Duke has not forgiven this and would like the opportunity to speak with Velvet about this personally.


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