Peter "Smitty" Smithson

Son of the village smith, mercenary veteran, Knight of Gird, Batman.


Smitty is a tall, muscular young man descended from the Huul. He has short cropped sandy blonde hair. By day he wears a suit of black platemail trimmed in gold as he protects the innocent. By night he wears a sturdy, hooded coat of leather and moves through the darkness to punish the wicked. One day soon he will rear up before his massed army atop his mighty and faithful grizzly bear and call out a prayer to Saint Gird. On that day, Sir Peter Smithson and his bear Arbiter, Kodiak of Justice, will lead the charge on the elven hordes.

English armour
Smitty’s Armour


Raised for 17 years in the small farming village of Hoardale, Smitty has some basic trade skill and a black belt in crab stomping. As the son of the smith, his life seemed like it would keep him right there in the forge, but fate saw things differently.

Gaining recruitment to the Duke’s mercenary company to the south seemed like just the thing to get a look a the world and a few coins in hand before a peaceful return to a life at the anvil. After all, his father had done the same before him. Smitty served Duke Phelan well in his two years with the company and was even promoted to Corporal.

He had no intention of settling down after that however, and while the Duke was sad to lose such a fine soldier, Smitty had other adventures to take up. During those years he had already fought off an opposing mercenary company’s siege, met with the halflings of High Court, kept an evil magic axe from both dark elves and an army of 300 orcs, prevented a war between pirates and refugees, sieged a toxic underground elven fortress, crushed a harbour assault with a handful of fishermen, met with the king to negotiate peace and then tracked down the king’s attempted assassin.

He then traveled North through the orc lands, acquiring a grizzly bear and killing a dragon along the way. High in the mountains he and his friends met with the dragon god Gorbash, where they learned their true destiny.

He later was kidnapped by his Uncle Rjandal’s men in order to lead their rescue of his Aunt from an island housing a god. He returned and with help from a Paladin’s letter of recommendation and his Uncle’s gold, he spent two years training at Nyn to become a Knight of Gird.
Smitty s tattoo
Smitty’s Tattoo

Peter "Smitty" Smithson

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