Turnip farmer, brewer, ex-mercenary, Paladin of Torres and mother of Gina.


Clementine is a 6’5" red haired woman with enough scars to make it questionable as to whether or not she has any of her original skin left. She is quite beautiful, with fair (though weathered from much travel and outdoor work) skin and green eyes.

She has the symbol of her God, Torres, tattooed on her neck in mystical looking blue sparkling ink. It consists of 7 geometric shapes connected by short lines in the form of a necklace. For those that can see the Taig, she has the same symbol indelibly grafted into her being.

When going into battle she rides upon a fearsome and large red horse named Anne in memory of Clementine’s fallen companion. The Paladin wears a suit of blued half-plate gilded in gold, the colours of her God.

She wields, primarily, a Dwarven-made Katana in her right hand and a sturdy and functional Mercenary Gladius in her left. When not fighting Florentine, she wields one of her swords with a heater shield coloured and gilded to match her armor and emblazoned with the symbol of Torres. And if ever the need should arise to crush her enemies, she carries with her a heavy maul, decorated in the same manner as her other gear, to be used for the enforcement of her God’s will.



Clementine grew up in the small frontier town of Hoardale. There she lived with the town drunk and her only known relative, her Father Devon. She was a good farmer and brewer even at the age of 15 and her greatest joy was the bi-annual migration of the crabs.

Like all good and sturdy kids from Hoardale she would put on her best crab stomping boots, find a decent stick and with the carefully concealed bottle of whiskey compliments of Uncle Rjandal and go, both half cocked and in the jar, to bash the living hell out of the poor unsuspecting crustaceans.

Always with her were her friends; Peter ‘Smitty’ Smithson, the stalwart and serious Smith and strategist, Rutbere the adopted son of the Tanner’s all made up of crazy and unyielding loyalty, Griff the lovable scamp full of charity and goodwill and strangely always coin in his pockets, Darrien ‘Plaguewick’ Malorey, Wizard and Alchemist extraordinaire as well as morally ambiguous engineer, and Anne, as thoughtful and loving as she was strong and tough (and the smartest kid in Hoardale). Growing up her friends were what kept her going, and later in life that sentiment would prove more literal.

It was quite the day when a Phelan Mercenary recruiter came to town, requesting all the young and able bodied of Hoardale to march to a new life, far away from the smallness and repetition of the little town. She and her friends gladly and quickly accepted, much to the dismay of most of the town. It took them only hours to prepare to start a new life and off they went, marching single file into places unknown.


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